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"You never change things by fighting

the existing reality. To change something, build a new model

that makes the existing model



- R. Buckminster Fuller


This video was created as an installation piece for

Connect-the-Dots' free event, Democritique, in October of 2016.

Some of the video content was created specifically for this piece,

and some of the clips were borrowed from various internet sources.

Credit to the hive mind of the internet.
This video was created in the spirit of (re)education

and keeping our minds open and free.

*contains brief flashing lights*

Connect-the-Dots hopes to help people recognize that our culture is in large part made up of social constructs.

Race, gender, government, religion, education, employment and so on.

Once we recognize that these ideas do not exist in nature the way they do in our culture, we realize that they are not as fixed as they may seem

and thus have the potential to be changed.

We can ask ourselves: are these constructs successfully benefiting all people?

If they are outdated, oppressive, or obsolete, how can we re-imagine them?

We also hope that people who have been brought up to fear/hate/distrust other “groups” of people will begin to find commonality across label-lines;

to see that we are all made up of the same stuff,

just molded into different shapes and stories.


The collective story thus far, has largely been force-fed

to us in very black and white, dualistic terms.

Are you red, or are you blue?  

Which side are you on?  

(Insert color) people, don’t trust (insert color) people!

But we know better.

There is a movement, you’ve probably noticed, that has really been around for centuries, weaving in and out of the pop culture story as it can;

getting crushed by the powers that be and then finding its way out again,

whispering to any who will listen about the potential of the human story.

It is a story about waking up.

It is a story of collective imagination.

It is a story whose actualization relies upon people believing in it.

History will unfold whether we participate blindly or consciously.

It’s up to us to decide which version it will be.

In closing, we invite you to be an active culture creator.

What kind of world do you want to live in?

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