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gRACE Fellowship


Connect-the-Dots is seeking two focused, driven, and empathetic humans to study dialogue facilitation at The Center for the Healing of Racism in Houston, TX.


For 10 days, you will study with the Center’s Co-Founder and Executive Director, Cherry Steinwender, who has worked tirelessly for the last 26 years to help people of all backgrounds heal from the wounds that racism has created in all of us. You will attend the Center’s acclaimed program, Dialogue Racism, and learn the foundations of dialogue facilitation from Cherry.


As a gRACE fellow, your travel, room and board will be paid for. You will also receive a small stipend to help cover any extra expenses you may incur during your stay in Houston.






Qualifications and Skills Required:


  • You have looked into your own unconscious biases; you have worked on yourself and have asked yourself the hard questions about your own racial conditioning. You are well into your own healing process.


  • You have had conversations about race with people of backgrounds different than your own and feel comfortable exploring “truths” other than your own. People with truths VERY different from your own do not phase you because you can see it as racial conditioning. You can see the common spark that exists in all people. You can approach difficult conversation with a calm, respectful demeanor.


  • You are EXCITED for Chicago’s potential to become a city celebrated for its diversity and interconnectivity. You can see past its current reputation for being “diverse, but segregated,” and you can visualize a brighter future.


  • You are willing to commit to volunteering with Connect-the-Dots for a minimum of 1 year, co-hosting monthly gRACE workshops around the city of Chicago and training other Chicagoans to facilitate workshops within that year.


If you feel that you are the right person for this opportunity, please submit the following:


  • EITHER: up to a 1 page personal statement OR a 3 minute video statement telling us about yourself, your experience of the discovery/healing of your own racial conditioning, your vision for the future of race relations in Chicago, and why you are right for this program. And whatever else you think we should know!


Email statements or private youtube links to:


Submissions will be accepted until the positions are filled.


After receiving submissions, we will ask qualified candidates to come in for an interview with the Connect-the-Dots team.

Meet Cherry!

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