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When you first enter this world as a baby,

you are a blank canvas.




You've been given a specific genetic make-up, but have no concept

of the complex ideas that make up today's global culture. 

As you get older, you are given both verbal and unspoken clues that tell you:



what to value


how to think


the difference between "right and wrong"


what traditions and rituals to follow




Our family, friends, school, society... all paint these ideas as TRUTH that most folks just accept as absolute.

Now, because we all live only in our own heads and do not experience the stories that people from different backgrounds are told,

our personal paradigms are very real for us and we generally assume that our interpretation is correct.

That there IS a "correct."

This has been happening throughout human history and causes all kinds of confusion to this day.

Connect-the-Dots is a collective that explores different "social constructs."

Social constructs are popularly shared assumptions within a society.

They are ideas that do not necessarily exist in nature,

but have been accepted into a culture

to the point that they feel natural and inevitable.

Our task...

1.) To define each social construct.

To acknowledge

both how it exists

in the collective story,

and also the individual

experiences that create it.



2.)  Determine whether the construct is being created intentionally, with awareness,

or is simply an obsolete idea perpetuated by a society

who has stopped questioning it.

Re-evaluate our mental habits.



3.) Start the re-envisioning process.

If the construct is obsolete, we change our relationship to it.



Everything that humans create starts as an idea.

We have the power to change the ideas that create our culture.

What collective story do we want to participate in?






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