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The project we are asking you to participate in is based on an artistic movement started in the 60’s by a group of artists called Fluxus; this movement is called Mail Art.


Mail Art can draw many parallels to the democratic system; from its large-scale social element to its economy driven fight. The first, showing that 1.) there is strength in numbers, 2.) many little ants can build a strong wall when they work together, and 3.)  that people count no matter their geographical location; and the latter proves that art (i.e culture) can be of the masses, not only of the elite.

We are asking artists who consider themselves artists and also those who don’t to help us draw and build this wall.


The Technicalities:


If you want to participate, this is what you’ll need:


A rectangular thick paper (like watercolor paper for example, or cardstock, if it’s too thin USPS will not mail it) with dimensions of 4" x 6"


On one side draw a vertical line slightly off centered towards the right. To the right of it, underlined, you will write the following address:



P.O. BOX 408951




Above it, you will glue a postal stamp. On the left-top side you will write your name and address and in the rest of the left side you can write something to us, or an explanation of your image, or just a thought about government.





On the other side you will create your art piece, it can be a doodle, a painting, a drawing, a collage, anything else that is flat that you can think of.

Here are some questions to think of when creating your piece:

    - Is the government living up to its ideals and/or our expectations, and if not, why?

    - What, in your opinion, would help our current situation?

    - What direction do you see the country heading in the next elections?

    - What do you think about the people who represent us (as a country)? How does the rest of the world view us?

    - How does the government affect your life?

    -  Why do we have such a divisive two-party system?

    -  What are "the issues"  you care about, and how does that affect your perception of government?

    -  Do capitalism and democracy work well together?

    -  What could we learn from other forms of government?

    -  What does a re-imagining of government look like to you?


When you are done, drop it in the mail box. Here we will connect all the postcards that we receive and hang them as a wall or curtain, so that both sides can be seen.

Please send postcards before September 30th, 2016.

The Event:


If you live in Chicago or will be around during these dates, please come see the final piece and enjoy a night of music, human connections, good conversation and maybe some dancing, all surrounding these subject that need so much revision from all of us who get affected by it but feel like we don’t have a voice, WE DO!

The event will take place at:


Hairpin Art Center

2810 N Milwaukee Ave,

Chicago IL 60618


Saturday, October 15th, 2016

If you have any other questions or want to get in touch with us you can email us at or friend us on facebook at Connect-the-Dots.

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